About Us

Our Company

We derived the word “Galific” from “Galaxy in Fiction”. We personally believe that fiction is limitless in our minds like galaxies in-universe. One can reach the creativity to the point he can visualize. Hence, Galific.com is a universe of limitless creativity and innovation.

Galific is a unique eCommerce platform that enables our customers to buy amazing gifts that are unusual in the traditional market at the best prices. This is the only online shopping platform that is uniting the unrevealed talents of underdog artists and craft persons. Along with this, a buyer can search for creative and useful gift items that one always admires to present their loved ones. We are not only selling ready-made products but also visualizing the need to market handmade crafts, corporate gifts, virtual gifts, combos, customized and personalized products. We are keen to penetrate into every gifting business in the next couple of months. With the aspiration to uplift the art of creative folks, Galific is strengthening its grip in collaborating the talent across the world.

Undoubtedly, it is a bigger challenge to offer better services to our clients in this unsustainable business. But we ensure our consumers to provide the best and easiest environment to place orders through our website. Moreover, galific.com is unique in the way of delivery. We are the first to introduce several options for the packing of gifts. They could be simply packed, or gift paper wrapped or customized boxed. Such decorative offerings can be benefited by any buyer in the just a nominal price range.

Our Motto

We literally believe that “It is not necessary to celebrate only festivals by gifting but celebrate gifting itself as a festival.”

We know that we have something quirky and lovely for everyone, one just needs to look into his/her suitability from the hundreds of varieties we are offering to our user base.

How we are different?

This section needs a start by reading below famous quote:

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change. 

We respect our competitors in the way they have built their organizations. But unlike them, we have an extra edge of best quality, creativity, out of the box products and decorative delivery. Nevertheless, our client is getting adulating gifts for every occasion, event, or festival.

Our support system is exceptionally well to resolve every single query on high priority. We always admit that each customer must be treated as our first customer. We personally ensure the orders before delivery to our consumers so that trust between us cannot be shattered.

About the Team

Galific Gifts is started by three geeks in their own fields.

Aloof from them, Galific constitutes many talented craft persons who work as the backbone of our organization. The journey we began will never stop and we will keep loving our customers.

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We will be very happy to serve you at any time. Simply connect with us by every Social media route. Below are the details to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.